Hosting features

Web space

How much storage space your account has, which is shared between your website, images, videos,
emails and databases.


This is the limit on how much traffic your website is allowed to receive. We do not believe in penalising
you for having a popular website, in fact we will work hard on our SEO packages to ensure your site is
busy. Therefore all of our packages have unlimited bandwidth.

FTP Accounts

These are usernames and passwords associated with your account to allow your staff to upload
documents to the server and update the website.

Free domain names

We will offer a FREE domain name such as with all packages.

Additional domains

If you own multiple domain names then you can add them to your account and only pay one hosting fee
for multiple websites.

Tier 1 Internet connection

Our servers are located in a modern datacenter with direct access to the internet backbone ensuring
fast and reliable speeds.

Dedicated IP address

An IP address is the means of locating your server on the internet. Our standard hosting packages will
share an IP address with a small number of other websites while our Premium Hosting includes 2 private
IP addresses.

SSL secure certificate

Secure certificates tell your visitors that you are using the latest security and encryption measures and
are recommended for any websites collecting sensitive information such as credit  card details.  We can
provide a variety of SSL certificates on request, for an additional fee.

Dedicated Server

Our standard hosting package shares a server with a small number of other websites to keep the costs
low. If you would prefer your website to be hosted on its own server then you  should  upgrade  to  our
premium package.

Email accounts

You can setup as many email addresses as you like. eg

Email forwarders

You may setup automatic email forwarding to your other email accounts (eg hotmail or gmail)

Email autoresponders

You can setup automatic replies for any email accounts to alert the sender that you have received the
email. These can even be scheduled for when you are out of the office or on holiday.

Webmail login

You can access your email accounts online from any computer or phone with a web browser and
internet connection.

Spam filter

We run spam filters to help keep unwanted messages out of your inbox.

Scripting Languages

A variety of scripting languages are available to support sophisticated, dynamic websites. Our linux
servers come with PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails Our windows servers  come with  PHP,  Perl,
ASP and ASP.NET We can also provide support for additional languages on request.


You can have as many databases as you like with the size of the database coming out of your allocated
web space. All servers support MySQL, linux servers also support  Postgre  SQL  and  windows  servers
support MSSQL.

Installation of blogging or CMS systems

We can install a wide range of pre-built website components. Content Management Systems, blogging
platforms, E-Commerce systems, guestbooks,  photo  galleries  and  much  more.  Please  contact  our
technical team for more information. Custom configuration is available if required for an additional fee.

Technical support

If you have any problems our experienced staff are available to assist you.

Monthly website updates

We offer FREE updates to your website every month to ensure that your content remains fresh and up
to date.






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We are approved members of Thailand's Board of Investment, an exclusive program offering privileges to carefully selected international businesses.



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