Interactive websites

Here at PPCnSEO we believe in websites that go above and beyond your expectations and perform in
ways that you may never have imagined.Interactive websites is a phrase we use to describe websites
that are, well, interactive. They are not your generic  company website that  is the  same  every  time
that you visit.  They  are always  changing,  updating  by  themselves  to  reflect the  current  situation
within the company and within the world.
A perfect example of an  interactive website
would be facebook,  one of  the popular and
most visited sites on the web. Not only is the
website different every  time  you visit,  it is
different for every single person  that visits,
displaying the latest happenings within their
unique circle of friends.
Powerfull, reliable systems are what we specialise in.
For example, a real estate website would want to show the  atest properties  available,  along  with a
few of the most recently sold or rented.  For added benefits the  site should  detect where the user is
located, and show properties in that area. For returning visitors it could remember whether they were
looking to buy or rent and filter the results accordingly.
Good websites make common tasks simpler The  aim  of an  interactive  website  is  to  make  the
website   as  easy  and   useful  as  possible  for  the
users,  your  prospective  customers.  By tailoring the
content to match the users requests you can improve
the  chance of visitors finding  what  they  are  after
and making the  transition  from  a website  visitor to
a paying customer.
In the most advanced situations, interactive websites can even run up to 95% of your business for
you. Sales, billing, accounts, full reporting and much more can be handled automatically,  with very
little staff interaction and with  complete control  from a fully featured  administration system.  Just
imagine being able to relax and enjoy the finer things in life while your business runs smoothly. Too
good to be true? Not at all, welcome to the world of interactive websites.




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