When  many  businesses's  look  into  launching  a new website their main goal is increasing  sales.
Although websites can boost sales by simply boosting company presence and directing customers
to appropriate purchase methods, the most effective solution is e-commerce. The convenience of
being  able  to  make  a purchase, quickly and easily from any location, is often too much to resist.
The  majority  of  consumers  that use the internet frequently trust online shopping and purchase
items online frequently. Your online store has very low rent ( commonly referred to as "hosting" ),
almost no staff costs, is open 24 hours a day and is accessible to over 1.8 BILLION internet users
worldwide(over 25% of the world's population*).

Whether your company offers specialist services,  or sells products in high or low volumes,  an
e-commerce store can provide a range of benefits.
  • Purchase and invoice tracking
  • Simplified repeat orders
  • Stock availability
  • Instant confirmations
  • Secure and easy payments
  • Photos, description and reviews
And much, much more.
* Stats from http://www.internetworldstats.com



We are an international company serving clients in the UK, Thailand, Australia and worldwide.

Most of our work is conducted in Thailand's seaside city of Pattaya, just outside of Bangkok.

Operating from Thailand we have lower costs, meaning that we can pass on great savings to our customers while still offering a high level of service.

We are approved members of Thailand's Board of Investment, an exclusive program offering privileges to carefully selected international businesses.


Online: http://ppcnseo.com

United Kingdom

Tel:+44(0)203 397 4215
Unit 3384, PO Box 6945,
London, W1A 6US


Tel: +66(0)38 232 105
138/1 Thanon Chaiyaphruek,
Muang Pattaya,Amphoe Bang Lamung,
Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150


Tel: +61(0)28 006 2737