Content Management CMS

A content management  system is a way that you,  the owner of your  website,  can easily  keep your
content  current  and up  to  date.  All  too  often  a company  will  commission a new  website  and  be
overjoyed by the initial success, they will think that they have done all that they need to do for  online
dominance. However the web is an intricate and ever changing world. 2 years down the line, when the
company has made no changes to the site,  results will be on a downward curve.  Prices will  be out  of
date,  contact details may have changed and the company will probably have adapted its  strategies to
suit the times. Popular styles and designs also change rapidly and you can easily spot an ageing website
since it just looks out of date.

Content management systems (CMS) are designed to solve this issue by making updating websites as
simple as possible.  If you can use desktop publishing software such as  Microsoft's  "Word"  then you
can quickly learn to use a CMS. We use a variety of different CMS to suit different requirements.
For the first  time website-owner  wordpress i s by far  the simplest CMS to  learn.
Initially adopted   en-masse  by  the  blogging  community,  wordpress  has  since
developed into a full featured CMS capable of  hosting a wide range of  websites.
Its biggest strength is ease of use with novices able to learn the ropes in no time
at all.

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS since it is extremely customisable through
a wealth of  add-ons called  "modules"  and  "components".  Joomla has a slightly
higher  learning  curve  than  wordpress  since it offers much more control in the
configuration.  This can be a  little more daunting to new users,  but once set up
can run extremely sophisticated sites for virtually any purpose.

Custom CMS

If neither Wordpress, Joomla nor any of the many other CMS are suited to your needs then we can
build you a bespoke system exactly to your needs. This option is suitable for companies that have a
very specific business model or set of requirements that simply can't  be handled by any  preexisting
systems. We will work closely with you from planning to completion to ensure that the end product is
perfectly suited to your unique business structure.



We are an international company serving clients in the UK, Thailand, Australia and worldwide.

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Operating from Thailand we have lower costs, meaning that we can pass on great savings to our customers while still offering a high level of service.

We are approved members of Thailand's Board of Investment, an exclusive program offering privileges to carefully selected international businesses.



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