Pay per Click FAQ

How do you set up my pay per click advert?

At PPCnSEO we manage the full administration of your campaigns. We set up accounts with Google,
Yahoo, Bing, Facebook etc. We will plan and implement your full campaign.

Who looks after me and my account?

All clients are assigned an account manager who will be your main point of contact.

Which search engines will my listings appear on?

This varies from client to client and depends on a range of factors such as spend, target audience,
geography etc. All of our campaigns are written specifically for each client.

What happens when someone keeps clicking on my link, over and over again?

We monitor your clicks "“ you will also receive regular reports. In  addition  we  limit  spend  to  daily
and weekly limits as well as limits per campaign etc. The main search engines also have sophisticated
software to track and identify suspicious clicks.

What should I expect from my pay per click campaigns?

One of the great advantages of PPC is that you will get measurable results quickly. We also track every
click and monitor the movement of visitors on your site.

How do I track how many clicks my advert receives?

Our daily / weekly and monthly reports will give you great in depth  detail  of  how  many  clicks  you
received, how much you paid per click (different for each keyword) and your CTR (click through rate)

What input will I have in the process?

We work with and for you. Firstly we discuss your needs and  your  objectives,  we  then  issue  you  a
bespoke proposal. On commencement of the contract we provide you with our ideas for your keywords,
target search engines and social media, proposed adverts and other criteria such as ad scheduling  and
geographic targets.

Why do I bid different amounts for different keywords?

The price you pay is dependent on several factors. Ultimately we endeavor to find you the lowest price
keywords and phrases that achieve the highest number of "Goals" or "conversions"

What is a goal or conversion?

This is dependent on your business. A goal may be submitting an enquiry form or clicking on a more info
link. A conversion might be an online purchase.

When will my ads show up online?

Normally within a few hours of your site going live.

Where will our listings appear on the search results page?

On google your adverts will appear above or to the side of the search results. Type any search into
google and where you see "Sponsored Links" is where your ads will appear.

How long do the advertising campaigns last?

We strongly recommend a minimum of six months to enable you to achieve the maximum results it is a
continual process to improve the CTR and reduce the CPC.

Are there any additional fees?

We charge between 10% and 15% of your spend. This will vary depending on the size of spend and
whether it is part of a larger SEO campaign.

What is the cost per click?

The cost per click can range from 0.03p to £6.00. But we set a maximum spend per click for your

When will I start getting billed for my Advert?

All advertising is invoiced monthly in advance

How much does it cost to get started on the program?

This depends on the size of your campaign and the number of keywords and phrases. We manage
campaigns from 1 key word to 20,000 and budgets from £1000 p/m to £25,000 p/m.

Can I control how much I spend every month?

Yes. All spending is agreed in advance

What happens to my listings when the click account money runs out?

Your ads will then not show until the next budget cycle, which is normally the next day.



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