Interview with Mark Walker

Interview with Mark Walker Interview with Mark Walker What is your position with the PPCnSEO Media Group? CTO, Chief Technical Officer and I'm also a shareholder of PPCNSEO Media Group.   What would you say is the most important aspect of your job? Overseeing the development and maintenance of all our technical products.   What are you most grateful for with your job? My people - my team because I can't be a one man show. I'm able to produce great work because I'm working with the best people.   How do you help to keep customer satisfaction at a high? I estimate their expectations and give them more than they expect.   Are there any future plans to expand the business into new territories? Actually, what we are doing now is just great but, of course, we will definitely expand into new territories in the future. Just for now, we would like to keep our quality high and taking care of our current customers.   There are...
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Five Myths About Social Networking For Your Business

Five Myths About Social Networking For Your Business Five Myths About Social Networking For Your Business   Social media is making so much noise in the internet marketing world of late, however, much of this noise is not very helpful. Myths about why and how you should approach social marketing are plenty, spread by so-called experts and newcomers alike.   The truth is that the answers to most of the questions that are being asked keep changing. This is because people are continually learning how to harness social networking sites to unlock the true potential of the internet.   What business owners cannot afford to do is stand back and not get involved. After all, there is money to be made!   Below are five common social networking misconceptions:   Myth 1: My Customers Don't Use Social Networking Sites Are you aware that Facebook has over 1 billion users, Twitter has almost 200 million, whilst Google plus has over 100 million. Do you really believe that your...
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Desktop Website vs Mobile Website

Desktop Website vs Mobile Website Since the advent of the smartphone, mobile devices have become one of the primary means for accessing the internet for a huge range of people. Despite this, there are still many websites which have not been optimised for mobiles.   At least 25 per cent of all internet searches are now carried out using mobile devices. However, the results that these searches yield will often cause frustration for users. Features which work well on a full website as loaded from a computer will not always work when the same site is loaded on a phone. Menus, in particular, can be frustrating and difficult to navigate.   What makes navigation even more difficult is that virtually no full websites are set up to compress properly onto the small screen of a smartphone. The majority of the time, the full site will come up with text so small that it is impossible to read. Zooming in and scanning around the site endlessly gets very frustrating very quickly.   Having a...
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PPMG Event

PPMG Event The Pattaya People Media Group (PPMG) celebrated the successful completion and launch of their new website and mobile app – both created by PPCnSEO - as well as the 65th birthday of their CEO, Niels Colov, at a grand party on 25thJuly.   Held at the Town-in-Town Hotel, the party was widely attended by many of the familiar faces of Pattaya. Essentially, Colov had invited the entire city to celebrate with him. All attendants passed a desk near the party's entrance, which was staffed by PPCnSEO personnel demonstrating the fruits of their months of hard work.   The new website ( has been described as a “media hub”, with links to live web-streaming from all outlets of PPMG, including Pattaya People TV, Nova FM, Kiss FM and Yes2Day. Content from the Pattaya People Pocket Guide and the Pattaya People newspaper is also available in easily-navigated menus. The app, available for Android and Apple devices, boasts similar services. ...
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Moving on up!

Moving on up! The entirety of PPCnSEO Co. Ltd. is moving office, vacating the rooms above the Seafari Dive Center on Soi 12 off Beach Road, which had become too cramped to support the rapidly expanding company.   The decision to relocate came after the purchase and integration of Pattaya 105FM into the PPCnSEO Media Group. Adding a third office to the company's portfolio, it was decided to concentrate all assets in one location rather than have offices spread across the city. The radio station's offices were found to be far too small for the purpose, so additional office space has been obtained around the old Pattaya Trader office on Sukhumvit Road.   PPCnSEO has expanded from the old office into the one immediately next door and has taken over offices on either side of Universe Gym, which is in the same industrial park area near the turn-off for Soi Siam Country Club. Extensive renovation work has been undertaken, transforming the old and long-deserted spaces into a...
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Interview with Mark Bond

Interview with Mark Bond Each month we will be interviewing a member of the PPCnSEO Media Group team to give you more of an idea of the kinds of people working here and what makes them tick. We will be finding out more about what makes them the best at their job and what they get up to outside of working life. It is only natural to start right at the top, with Mr Mark Bond     What is your position with the PPCnSEO Media Group?   I am the CEO.   What would you say is the most important aspect of your job?   Managing and assisting my team so they can do their jobs.   What are you most grateful for with your job?   Freedom to be creative and develop ideas.   How do you help to keep customer satisfaction at a high?   I try to be hyper-critical of our own work. Before our customer sees it, I try to put myself in their place and we try to be 100 per cent transparent in the work we do.   ...
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ECM lands in Australia

ECM lands in Australia PPCnSEO's award-winning eCoachManager software has been launched in Australia and is already active with companies in every state except the Northern Territory.   eCoachManager is a cloud-based software solution to make running a coach (usually referred to as 'bus'), minibus or taxi company practically effortless. It helps to co-ordinate every aspect of the business, from generating quotes to directing drivers, doing much of the work independently of outside input. The development team behind it have been working in the transport industry for over 25 years, giving them a unique insight into the needs of the software users and enabling them to create a system which can handle any eventuality.   Having launched into Australia in late-2012, eCoachManager has been met with tremendous success, including being at the heart of an exclusive deal with a new vehicle brokering company.   The complete business package available through eCoachManager...
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Google Penguin update

Google Penguin update Major updates to Google's search engine and webmaster support have taken place with more expected in the near future, including further changes to Panda, and the possibility of a new animal showing its face.   Google have announced a number of major updates to their systems which will likely seriously impact the search engine optimisation industry, as well as a large number of websites and webmasters.   Most significant amongst these updates are changes to the notorious Panda and Penguin systems. Famed for having hit the SEO world hard and knocking a lot of sites off their high rankings, Panda is expected to become a little more cuddly, with a modification to the algorithms making it less aggressive to those websites which demonstrate quality content and a great user experience, yet have a grey area of SEO in their history. In Google's constant pursuit of rewarding quality, those sites which can show it can expect better rankings and ultimately, more...
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The Trader is proud to announce

The Trader is proud to announce The Trader is proud to announce the aquisition of Pattaya 105FM - Pattaya's No.1 hit music station. Acquiring the station is part of an ongoing expansion and strengthening of the media brand on Thailand's eastern seaboard following the 150th issue of the magazine.   An old favourite in the city, Pattaya 105FM has revived the Brooksy Breakfast Show and plays a great selection of music throughout the day. Over the coming months, the Trader team will be promoting the station at a multitude of venues throughout Pattaya, aiming to make it the benchmark against which all other stations are measured by providing the highest quality presenters and advertisers.   In-depth research by the Trader team revealed that the vast majority of people listen to the radio passively, usually while engaged in some other activity. This provides advertisers with the ability to target a certain audience by targeting a certain time period, be it the morning school run, lunchtime,...
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Why should you have a Google Places page?

Why should you have a Google Places page? Google Places is the new kid on the block when it comes to marketing your business online. Having a places page will ensure that your business reaches a wider audience and attracts more visitors. Beat your competition by taking advantage of this modern online replacement to the Yellow Pages.   While the Yellow Pages or the phone book used to be the first recourse for people looking for local businesses, these were not very reliable and did not always lead to good results. These books were only updated once a year, so contact information could change without being updated, rendering the listing useless. Businesses could close while still being listed, too. From a customer's point of view, the problems were more serious.   The only requirement to be at the top of the listings for a certain category was that their company start with the letter 'A' or that they pay a little more for a premium listing. This, naturally, is no indicator of quality and could mean...
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We are an international company serving clients in the UK, Thailand, Australia and worldwide.

Most of our work is conducted in Thailand's seaside city of Pattaya, just outside of Bangkok.

Operating from Thailand we have lower costs, meaning that we can pass on great savings to our customers while still offering a high level of service.

We are approved members of Thailand's Board of Investment, an exclusive program offering privileges to carefully selected international businesses.



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