The Future of Facebook

In the beginning Facebook was primarily used by teenagers and young people to keep in touch with friends. Over recent months Facebook has lost out in popularity with the under 25’s to other networks and apps including Snapchat, Socialcam and Pinterest.


Facebook iconHowever, Facebook for business has continued to grow, with more and more commercial pages being created everyday. Many people now consider Facebook to be a platform for sharing general news, articles and useful information as opposed to photos of your dinner.


So does this mean that consumers take Facebook seriously and trust the information it provides? Well, a large proportion of the information published on Facebook is taken from reliable sources such as newspapers, magazines, forums and blogs so it is just as reliable as the publisher providing the content.


One of the main benefits of Facebook is the ability to connect with other people who have similar interests to yourself, view the content which they deem to be worthwhile and share it on your own newsfeed or page if you wish to do so.If you have the time and ability to create your own original content on a daily basis then you are in the minority. But unlike a blog or website, filling your page with other peoples content is perfectly within the rules and many businesses keep their pages active and their users engaged with this method.


Google alerts are a useful way to keep on top of latest industry news, every time that a piece of content on your chosen subject is published online you will receive an email notification so that you can view the content and share it if you wish to do so.There are three main ways of using Facebook; personal profiles, business pages and groups. A personal profile does what it says on the tin, you should use this profile to connect with friends and other like minded people, not to promote your business. A business page is where you sell your products or services, if you plan your social media campaign properly you will spend 90% of your time giving information and 10% of your time actually selling.


A Facebook group is for sharing posts, images or documents between a select number of people who must be invited to the group. Anyone who is not in the group cannot view the shared content.It is my belief that over the coming year Facebook will develop more into a tool for business rather than a way of keeping in touch with friends. 

By Gemma Purnell





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