Linkbuilding - A different approach

By Gemma Purnell
An interesting link building concept which a lot of people easily forget or don’t really understand is the amount of effort they should be putting into creating content for their own site; amazing articles, unique infographs and useful tools. 
Matt Cutts talking about link building
When you stop thinking about link building and start concentrating on creating truly great content then you will attract links naturally. I know you’ve heard it all before and it’s easier to say it than do it, but here is my theory:
Not so long ago, a small business who do their own online marketing were offered a guest post on a great blog which was very relevant to their niche. They were so thrilled that they did tons of research, wrote an amazing article and created some awesome images only to realise, hey this fantastic article is going on someone elses site, sure it’s going to link back to my site but to what? The prices and promotions page? While my truly great piece of content (on someone elses site) could be bringing in tons of traffic and going viral. 
Be selfish - keep the best content for yourself, write for your site and your visitors and get used to doing it. Starting now, spend a few weeks just concentrating on creating the best content you possibly can for your visitors. Think about their wants and needs, when they come to your site what are they looking for? What questions do they have and how can you answer those questions - then get creative with articles, images and video. 
This may sound obvious but many people are still not doing it, you need to share. But, hang on I hear you say; you just told us to be Girl sharing milk with kittenselfish - well, actually yes it’s both! You need to offer just a taste of your amazing content on blogs and social networking sites so that people will be inspired to read it and share it with their friends, work colleagues and like minded professionals. 
Then start doing some research into the kind of sites which may be interested in linking to your content and please remember to brainstorm before you touch a keyboard. Break your research down into categories and when you have your categories then start ‘googling’. 
When you’ve identified a site which you think may be interested in sharing your content, send them a brief introductory email to start a conversation. It’s important not to get too heavy on the ‘first date’ and scare them off, so just introduce yourself, mention that you have an article on X, or an infograph on X which they may find interesting and ask if they would like to see it, then sit back and wait for their reply.
Once you have a reply, which is hopefully ‘yes, I’d love to see your infograph’ send it off to them with a little note saying how much you would love their feedback and again, sit back and wait…..Link building
Once you have received some feedback which we hope is ‘Wow - how fantastic’ now it is time to ask for the link. If you really want to go the extra mile then offer to write a brief summary or introduction for them, that way you are doing them the favour. Instead of asking them for a link back to your site, you are inviting them to link to great content which they love and they don’t even have to lift a finger for it!



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