Improving Your Click Through Rate

By Gemma Purnell

Improving your Adwords click through rate (CTR) is a great way to increase the traffic to your website without increasing your advertising budget. I’ve tried to highlight five points which should help to improve your CTR whether you implement all of them or just one or two. 

Write great ads:
As you know the headline of your ad can have up to 25 characters and the second and third lines can have 35 characters each. It’s important to include your keyword in the headline and repeat it again in the body if possible, eg:
International Web Design Experts.  Google Adwords
Keyword - Web Design Pattaya
Ad Text:
Web Design In Pattaya
Visit Us At Our Pattaya Office!
The second line of your ad should be just one point describing your services or outlining an offer and should end with punctuation, so that when your ad appears in the top position of Google search results the second line can be incorporated into the headline. 
Include a call to action with an exclamation mark to the third line of your ad for maximum impact. 
Make sure that every word of your ad starts with a capital letter including your display url and you are well on your way to an improved CTR. 
Split test your ads
Never be satisfied with your ad copy - once you’ve written a great ad - try to beat it! Always have at least two ads competing against each other, once your ads have 20 or 30 clicks declare a winner - delete the loser and create a new test ad. 
Split test ads can be very similar with just one small difference, a different call to action, headline or display url:
Ppcnseo.Com/WebDesign and WebDesign.Ppcnseo.Com
Your display url must contain your main url but other than that, you are free to play and you will be surprised at the big differences a few small changes can have. 
Make Use Of Ad Extensions
Links to other pages on your site which are relevant to the product you are advertising or generic pages about your business. Make sure that you use the description section to it’s full potential and try out different types of ad extensions such as sitelinks, call extensions and review extensions. For extra relevancy, you can even link to your Google + page - check out Social Extensions!
Improve Your Adwords Click Through Rate
Create Highly Targeted Ad Groups
Constantly refine your ad groups, move under performing keywords into tighter ad groups. Try changing the match type of low search volume keywords and then delete them if they still don’t perform.Check the keyword details tab twice a month for new keyword ideas or to add irrelevant keywords as negative match.
Add Negative Keywords
Make sure that you are using negative keywords as part of your campaign so that your ads don’t show for keywords that are not relevant and will lead to clicks that won’t make you money. 


Use: keyword planner, keyword details and most of all -  common sense!
Never forget to trust your own instincts - they are often the best tool of all, just because keyword planner suggests it, doesn’t mean that it is right for your campaign. 




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