Why You Need To Create Specific Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing


In earlier articles I have talked about how to write a great ad for your PPC campaign but remarketing needs a completely different strategy.


When using adwords remarketing, your target audience is people who have already visited your site. They have a basic understanding of your product or service but for some reason they didn’t make an enquiry (unless you are targeting all visitors). But for this purpose we will assume that you are only targeting traffic which visited your website and didn’t convert.


First of all, you need to identify your prospects’ needs and fears. What are they looking for on your site, what questions do they have and most importantly why didn’t they find what they were looking for on your site?


When you feel confident that you know the answers to these questions, then you need to plan how you will address these issues in your remarketing campaign. There is no point in sending visitors back to your site only for them to encounter the same issues again.


Before you start remarketing, ensure that you read my article on understanding your buying cycle,so that you don’t remarket too early and target potential customers who may return to your site and convert without the aid of a remarketing campaign.


There are two types of ads which can be used in remarketing campaigns, these are text and image ads. It is always best practice to include a text ad in each ad group as some websites don’t accept all ad formats.


Give people a reason to revisit your site


A great headline for a text remarketing ad could be a question, ‘Still looking for ………..?’

Try offering an incentive such as a discount or free gift for returning visitors who make a purchase or enquiry.

‘’Enquire Today & Receive 10% Discount’.


Check out your best converting keywords and consider including these in your ad text, just one word can make a world of difference.


Remarketing gives you the flexibility to target very specific audiences, you can tailor particular remarketing ads for visitors of individual pages and even go as far as creating different landing pages for previous visitors with highly optimised sales content.


Image ads should convey a strong call to action and be obvious that you are targeting previous visitors. Don’t just use the same ads which you use for your regular campaign and be sure to check your analytics for patterns or trends which you can use in your remarketing campaign. 


By Gemma Purnell





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