How To Use Adwords In Different Aspects Of Your Buying Cycle...

By Gemma Purnell

An imperative part of any marketing campaign is understanding your buying cycle, the process in which your prospective clients go through before deciding to purchase your product.

Adwords Buying Cycle
Typically, there are four parts to any buying cycle starting with awareness - when the client realises that they have a need for your service - how do they come to that conclusion and what type of problem are they looking to solve with your product? Is your product or service widely known and available from a variety of different companies or is it exclusive to your company?
Using the adwords display network to show ads to users as they browse the internet is a great way to raise awareness of your brand to potentially qualified leads.  For example - if an internet user is reading content about improving the efficiency of their admin department, your ad for ‘Easy Admin Manager’ software can be displayed next to this content as adwords can identify a match between the website content and your ad. The user has already identified their problem and is researching possible solutions but they are unaware of your small software company which specialises in creating software to simplify company admin. Your ad appeals to the user as it claims to solve a problem which they have already identified and are actively investigating solutions.You can also select websites which you wish your ads to appear on as you know that a number of potential prospects use those websites on a regular basis. For example you may wish to display a banner ad for ‘Easy Admin Manager’ on the website ‘’ as you know the majority of visitors to this site are small business owners who have a need for your product but may not yet be aware that they have a problem or know they have a problem but haven’t yet identified it.
Once clients have identified their problem and a variety of solutions they will start to refine their research as to the best possible solution for them. This is where the search network is very useful in targeting prospects who have already identified their needs and are actively searching for results using the Google search function. The closer that your ad relates to the users’ search query the more likely they are to click on your ad and the lower your cost per click will be. So, it is important to carry out accurate keyword research using a number of resources such as the Google Keyword Planner, your own website, checking the keywords which your competitors are bidding on and lastly of all your own instincts (backed up of course by research). It’s great to have a fantastic idea for a unique keyword phrase but if there is no search volume for it on any kind of match type then don’t add it to your campaign. 
Adwords Solutions
After identifying a number of potential solutions, your prospects will want to compare the solutions before choosing the best option for them. This is now your opportunity to highlight your products’ unique selling points and why a potential client should choose your company rather than your competitors. Adwords gives us a variety of options to do this through ad extensions - including site extensions, links to other relevant pages on your site which may be of interest to your prospects.Location extensions, you may be located more conveniently to your prospect than other competitors. Call extensions, being able to contact you by phone directly from your ad can inspire your prospect with the confidence that you will always be easy to contact. Social extensions allow you to link your Google+ page directly to your ad, where searchers can get a view of your social media relationship and engagement with customers. Review extensions are one of the newest type of extensions and possibly one of the most powerful, they allow you to attach extracts of independent business or product reviews directly to your ad. Your will need to provide the source url and state whether the text you are adding is an exact quote or paraphrased.
Making Decisions with Adwords
When your prospect has made their decision and chosen to purchase your product or service, ensure that your purchase/sign up page is easy to access and less than three clicks away from the initial landing page. Include a compelling call to action on each and every landing page to constantly reassure the visitor that they are making the right decision. If your final purchase process is unnecessarily complicated or difficult to use; then you risk having abandoned shopping carts and incomplete sales - avoid this with a slick checkout procedure which inspires the user with confidence in your services. 
Finally, once your user has signed up, try targeting them with some remarketing purely to maintain their interest and avoid cooling off, aim to make personal contact with your new customer as soon as possible after sign up. Remarketing is also an effective way to target users who have started the purchase process and abandoned it for any reason. 



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