How To Promote A Unique Product With Adwords


Providing that you have some basic adwords knowledge and if you have read our other articles then it can be quite straight forward to promote a well known product or service with a high amount of monthly searches on Google. 

Promoting A Unique Product With Adwords
But what if your product or service is unique or there are very few people actively searching for it? How do you generate interest and drive traffic to your site using Google adwords?
This is where the display network can be utilised to get your product or service in front of the eyes of potential customers who may not even know that your product even exists. 
First of all, you need to understand the places that your audience ‘hang out’ online, what kind of websites do they visit? Try getting ideas from the placement planner by searching for generic keyword terms linked to your industry or location. 
Once, you have identified 10 - 20 websites which your potential audience may be using, start to think about your ads. You can use text ads, static banner ads or animated banner ads to catch peoples attention on the display network, but in my experience static and animated banner ads are the best option. 
There are two different options for creating your banner ads, you can either make your own (or have someone make them for you) using Adobe Photoshop, check out the Adwords Policy on banner ads first 
Or you can let adwords create the ads for you, using the image ad creator. Simply enter your url into the image ad creator and let Google get to work, you can refine the ads by changing the colour to match your company branding. 
Adwords Competitor Analysis
Next, you need to identify the unique selling points of your product or service and highlight this clearly in your ad text to raise curiosity and include a strong call to action to encourage viewers to click on your ad. Back up your claims on your landing page and ensure that you aim to answer any questions which potential customers may have. 
Do some competitor research and consider investing in a tool which can show you the keywords which your competitors are bidding on. You may even wish to include an ad group with the name of your competitors into your campaign, if there are sufficient search queries.Should you choose to use this method, don’t forget to bid on your own company name, because your competitors may have also read this article and could be using your company name as a keyword!
Take advantage of one of the latest adwords innovations - review extensions. If you have reviews on websites such as Google +, Trip Advisor or even on your own website, include them as a review extension so potential customers can see feedback from your current clients before they even click on your ad!

By Gemma Purnell




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