3 Things You Should Know Before Using Adwords Remarketing


By Gemma Purnell



Everytime that Adwords introduce a new tool or way to enhance your campaigns, I can’t wait to try it out. But...stop...wait, before you start playing with remarketing on adwords there are three important facts about your business that you should know.


How long is your typical buying cycle?

Do clients decide to buy your product in a matter of minutes, hours, days or even longer? Approximately how many sites do they visit before making their choice and how long do they spend thinking before they choose to buy? If you remarket too early, you could be remarketing to people who were intending to return to your site and purchase your product anyway.


What are the fears of your prospects and what stops them from making decisions?

It’s not enough to just bring traffic back to your site, you need to be able to answer questions that were previously left unanswered and encourage that visitor to carry out the desired actions.

What is stopping your website visitors from instantly purchasing your product? Are you answering their questions clearly enough and if not, how can you address this on your previous visitors page?


How much remarketing is too much?

It’s important not to ‘flood’ people with exposure to your ads otherwise it becomes obvious that they are being targeted and they will start to block out your branding completely. Experiment with frequency capping particularly during the early stages of your remarketing campaign when your list is fairly small as the chances of people seeing your ads multiple times per day is greater. Between 2 and 5 impressions of an ad per day is more than sufficient to keep peoples awareness of your brand without annoying them.


To have the best chance of success with your remarketing campaigns, separate your remarketing lists by page or product. Have specific ads for visitors of certain pages and a purpose written ‘previous visitors’ page, which delivers a strong sales message and answers any questions which your visitors may need answering in order to convert them from browsers to buyers. If you have more than one product, you may wish to have more than one ‘previous visitors’ page or even run an experiment using two different variations of the same landing page to see which one has the higher conversion rate.


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